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Space Concordia Coldflow Test

Video Caption: Space Concordia is an award-winning, student society at Concordia University that throws its members at challenging space and aerospace projects. They are working to develop a liquid fuel rocket that will be the most powerful amateur rocket ever built! A “cold flow” test is an essential part of liquid rocket engine testing. Maintaining accurate pressure and temperature readings throughout the test is essential. With Omega’s pressure transducers and thermocouples installed in their testbed, the team’s successful “cold flow” test will bring the team one step closer to that giant leap into space!

Instagram Pic of the Week

SDSU Rocket Project Fly and Successfully Recover Lox/Methane rocket

The SDSU Rocket Project had a successful launch of their Lox/Methane powered Lady Elizabeth rocket this past weekend. Reaching 13,200 ft (4.02 km), the liquid-fueled rocket was recovered successfully as shown in the video below.

The team is planning on launching Lady Elizabeth in the FAR MARS prize for a shot at winning up to $100k for a flight to 45,000 ft (13.716 km).


Copenhagen Suborbitals: Year in Review 2019

Video Caption: Our rockets are 100% crowdfunded. Visit to become one of our supporters!
Compliment us by wearing our apparel: Book a visit for our rocket factory in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen Suborbitals is the world’s only manned, crowdfunded space program. In the future, a volunteer astronaut will fly to space on our home-built rocket. We do this on our spare time, all the donations go to paying our workshop rent and buying materials. We are forever thankful to each of our supporters!

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