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Liquid Rocket Engines 5: Main Propellant Valves

Video Caption: Description Hi Rocketeers! This week we worked on the main propellant valve. I finally remembered to focus my camera right away, and I tried some new lighting and audio equipment, hopefully you could tell the difference! I’m travelling so no video this Saturday, and hopefully I’ll be back on schedule next week.

NASA Oxygen Servicing Procedure…
Sam Austin’s Hercules-2 Rocket Engine…

Base 11 Space Challenge Phase 1 Finalists

The Base 11 space challenge is a $1 million dollar prize for a university team to build, test and fly a liquid-fueled rocket to 100 km by the end of December 2021.

Phase 1 saw the teams conduct preliminary designs of their rockets including details of simulations and initial test data, all documented and submitted in a report.

The best submissions qualified for the Phase 1 prize of which the following teams are finalists,

The winner will be announced June 24th with $50k of prize money up for grabs.

ERIG: Hydra 4X Test

The video’s show the HYDRA 4X hybrid rocket motor testing from the Fall and Summer of 2018.

ERIG is a team of students from the Technical University of Braunschweig, developing and constructing experimental rockets. HYDRA 4X produces 2000 N of thrust and will burn for 15 s propelling the team’s FAUST II rocket to 10 km in altitude.

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DARE: Stratos IV Unveil

The 278 mm diameter, 8.286 m long nitrous oxide hybrid rocket is expected to fly to over 100 km in altitude when launched in the Summer of 2020.

Producing 26 kN of peak thrust and burning for 38 seconds, the team hope to not only beat the current European altitude record but also become the first European student team to reach space.

Check out the unveil below and click here for more info on the rocket and project.

Video Caption: Over 60 students have worked for a year on DARE’s most ambitious project as of yet: Stratos IV. A student-built rocket that will reach space in the summer of 2020.

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering is one of the largest and most advanced student rocketry teams in the world. As a Dreamteam of Delft University of Technology, we aim at providing students with a hands-on experience that is unique in this world. Next to our Stratos and Aether flagship projects, the DARE conducts fundamental research in all fields of sounding rocketry, such as propulsion, recovery, control, structural design and recovery.

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