BPS.space: Echo Landing Test #5

Video Caption: “just call me bowling ball cause i be rollin” – Echo, 2019 Help support BPS.space: https://www.patreon.com/bps_space

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DARE: DHX-400 Nimbus Test 20

The Nitrous oxide hybrid rocket engine will power the team’s Stratos IV rocket to over 100km, launching from South Africa in 2020.

Video Caption: The 20th test of the DHX-400 ‘Nimbus hybrid rocket engine. This is the first full-burn (38 seconds) test of the motor featuring in the configuration with a titanium composite nozzle!

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering is one of the largest and most advanced student rocketry teams in the world. As a Dreamteam of Delft University of Technology, we aim at providing students with a hands-on experience that is unique in this world. Next to our Stratos and Aether flagship projects, the DARE conducts fundamental research in all fields of sounding rocketry, such as propulsion, recovery, control, structural design and recovery.

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The team are currently competing in the Base 11 Space Challenge, this engine is a step forward in the competition and onwards to space.

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UBC Rocket hot fired yesterday, making us the first Canadian student team to hot fire a liquid fuel rocket engine! Our engine performance was right in line with predictions, with a thrust of 10kN and a chamber pressure of 300psi. A special thank you to #DarkVision for directly supporting the development of this test stand, which was named DARK STAR in their honour. A massive thank you to #NorLandLimited for letting us use their facilities for our hot fire. And finally, a huge thank you to the rest of our sponsors for contributing to our project and believing in our team! @UniversityofBC @UBCEngineering @CanadianSpaceAgency @ansys_inc #AlliedSpacecraft #LuxferGasCylinders @UBCMech @CarbonVideoSystems @omegaengineering #AdvancedCircuits @AandPTechnology #FluorCorporation #LabJack @powerweldproducts @ubcigen @mechanix_wear @seastar_solutions #Laird @osbornusa #Samuel @prattandwhitneyca @stickermule @lincolnelectric @rousseaumetalinc @stmicroelectronics.nv @airtech_official @ams_ubc #ChemTrend @coelumber #CommanderWarehouseEquipment @digikey @ieeeorg #LelandGasTechnologies #MatterHackers @megaprotools #Plasticase @redbullcanada @solidworks @siemens @surewerx #RockyMountain #WainbeeLimited #B11SpaceChallenge | @base11stem

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CS: Parachute Testing

Video Caption: On June 29th we paid a visit to our good friends in Odense Faldskærms Center – a Danish skydiving club. Our goal was to put one brave skydiver under our homemade Spica space capsule’s Ballute and reefed parachute to test their design and performance. We were both lucky with the weather and the tests, so the only thing left to do is sift through the gathered data and verify the performance of our Kevlar Ballute.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is the world’s only manned, amateur space program, 100% crowdfunded and nonprofit. In the future, one of us will fly to space on a home built rocket.

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Roberts Rocket Project Update – 22/6/2019

Robert talks about his pyroless recovery device he has built, based on a unit by Troy Prideaux. The system uses a piston and latch mechanism where a differential force is produced as the latch releases allowing the piston to move and release the pressurised air.

Pyroless Recovery Device (Credit: Robert Watzlavick)

You can check out Troy’s website for a whole lot more information on the device and media of it working as shown below.

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