Roberts Rocket Project Update

One of the many great rocket projects out, there, is Roberts Rocket Project.

This one specifically is a must read for anyone wanting to build and test their own liquid-fueled rocket engine. Over the year’s Robert has built and tested cooled and uncooled rocket engines, his latest prototype engine produces 250lbf (1112N) of thrust, burns liquid oxygen and kerosene, is regeneratively cooled and is machined from aluminium.

His work is very thorough and at a very professional level that is impressive to see come together, there are no shortcuts on this project. This can be seen in the design spreadsheets that he has made available to download, tweak for your own good and use.

Robert has been working on getting his 250lbf regen engine to a point where he is happy with it and work now commences on a rocket that this engine will power.

His latest update from April 5th, 2015 goes into a bit more detail about this rocket and work done so far.


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