A weekend of rocket tests!

This coming weekend is set to be busy with two amateur rocket tests happening. Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group plan to conduct the first hot fire of their Mk.V engine, this engine is the one that will power their Starscraper rocket on a sub-orbital trajectory.


And across the Atlantic, Copenhagen Suborbitals are once again testing their BPM-2 rocket engine this coming weekend.

The tests are scheduled for Saturday May 2nd between 1200 -1600 local time (CEST).
(The start time will be 10pm, May 2nd for all that live in NZ)

A time line of the day is as follows:
12.00: The test range opens for audience
13.00: Engine 1 test
14.00: Engine 2 test
15.00: Engine 3 test

If you are in the area you can buy tickets and pop on down to watch, otherwise it will be broadcast live on youtube.

To find out more info and to get the live youtube link on the day click here.

(This post was originally, Copenhagen Suborbitals live rocket engine test May 2nd)


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