Passing of Charles Pooley

It is with deep regret that I have to inform the passing of Charles Pooley.

Charles was well known throughout the new space community, particualary for his Microlaunchers concepts. Small mass payloads to orbit and escape velocities, using simplistic in theory rocket designs and off the shelf hardware.

I was lucky enough to meet Charles in person a few years ago while in the USA, he showed me around Mojave and also took me out to the FAR test site where I had the opportunity of watching a few rocket tests. I had been in sporadic contact since, he had a way of making you enthusiastic about space and rockets.

His legacy carry’s on in a book, Microlaunchers – The Technology for A New Space Age, this I would recommend to everyone interested in space and rockets, not only does it lay out the theory and knowledge for rockets and spaceflight but also looks into his Microlaunchers concept of making it happen on a small scale.




He will be missed.


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