Control Theory

As with any rocket or spacecraft, control is a vital part for it to be able to achieve its goal. It is also one of those very in-depth specialist subjects that we all wish we could know, but sometimes its best left to the people who do it for a day job.

But we can still understand what your control engineer on your project is talking about, thanks to Brian Douglas.

Brian has created a series of control system lectures that you are able to watch on youtube, and the best thing about it, they are all taught in a way that make it understandable and easy to pick up on.

In Brians latest video (posted below), How to Land on a Planet, one can get a better perspective on what it took for NASA to land Curiosity on Mars back in 2012, and also all previous landers.

This work not only applies to NASA, but there are also private companies developing planet landing technologies, notably Masten Space Systems. GLXP team Astrobotic teamed up with Masten to help develop their software needed to land on the moon, a video and explanation of this test is shown below.

So I highly recommend checking out Brians youtube channel, watching all his video’s, and then hey, maybe you will become the control engineer for your project!

Brian on Twitter – @brianbdouglas
Brian on Youtube – Brian Douglas




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