PSAS Launch 12 – July 19th 2015

This weekend, July 19th, sees the Portland State Aerospace Society (PSAS) annual launch from the central Oregon desert, PSAS will be making the 7th flight on their LV2 rocket and their 13th official launch.

PSAS launch 12 patch (Credit: PSAS)

The rocket will be carrying a host of electronics, notably two Raspberry Pi computers with HD video cameras that will be streaming live footage to the ground over our a WiFi telemetry system, and an experimental GPS module, that will record raw radio signals from GPS satellites while in flight in order to better understand the effects of rocket launches on GPS technology. The rocket will also feature a roll control system, multiple cameras for different angle shots and live streaming.

LV2 will reach approximately 5km (16,404ft) in 30sec and break the sound barrier in doing so.

PSAS LV2.3 Rocket (Credit: PSAS)
PSAS LV2.3 Rocket (Credit: PSAS)

The launch is scheduled for 10am Sunday July 19th and can be followed on social media:


The full press release of the launch can be found here.


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