Swedish Rocket Research Group

Another great rocket project out of Europe, this time the Swedish Rocket Research Group, the group aims to build a rocket capable of launching a small satellite into orbit and or high altitudes, more specifically from their Facebook page,

SRRG began life as an experimental rocket test program set up by Sebastian Borg, Henrik Ågren and per Lantz back in April – 2010.
The objective was to develop an inexpensive means of delivering small scientific payloads to high altitudes.
SRRG has grown from being the vision of one man to a group of focused and well-motivated team consisting of both full-time and part-time volunteers.
Everyone at SRRG shares the dream of space exploration and we are working toward providing you with a truly unique opportunities.
SRRG personnel work on all aspects of vehicle and propulsion design, testing step-by-step, integration, launching and recovery.
Our goal is commercialisation of space for private individuals, schools, and small entrepreneurs etc…
The whole project is both open source and non-profit in order to inspire as many as possible.

The project is currently working on a Peroxide/Ethanol powered rocket called “Pegasus”, which is designed to transport, protect and support experiments in space.
Pegasus has a diameter of 0.6m and height of 11.2m, with a liftoff mass of 1820kg, producing 3.8tons of thrust the rocket is able to achieve altitudes between 100 – 250km.

Pegasus (Credit: Swedish Rocket Research Group)


Full-scale mockup (Credit: Swedish Rocket Research Group)

Pegasus will use pistonless pump technology to feed the propellants from the tank to the engine, this type of pump is unique in the sense it does not have any moving parts besides 3 chamber valves. A paper with a more in-depth analysis and more exact explaining of the workings can be found here.

The video below shows in perfect clarity, such a pump working.

The group continues to work towards getting Pegasus to a flying stage, with work happening every day. The project can be followed here on Mach 5 lowdown or at the groups respective sites and social media channels:



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