Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group : A liquid fuelled rocket engine for Starscraper

The team at Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group have switched gears since returning from summer break and are hard at working prepping their Starscraper rocket up for its maiden suborbital flight.
Part of the work that has been going on is to change Starscrapers hybrid rocket engine to a liquid fuelled rocket engine, quite the  design change, I asked the team via twitter the reason for the change and got the following response, “driven by costs, but an overall higher confidence in a proven liquid development engine’.

The engine named ‘Lotus’ will still utilize nitrous oxide as the oxidizer, and now isopropanol as the fuel, Starscraper will use two of these engines, each setup on gimbals to provide active stabilization control for its flight profile.

Work continues on the rocket with modifications to the airframe to include the new fuel tank and engine cluster structure.

The first parts for the new engine are coming off the lathe as shown below.
But to find out more on the ‘Lotus’ engine development, check out the teams site here and an updated Starscraper page here.


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