Copenhagen Suborbitals Delay Nexo I launch to 2016

Copenhagen Suborbitals have unfortunately delayed the flight of Nexo I to 2016.

The team had been working hard to meet the launch window of 26-27th September, but due to problems arising in testing, that included several faulty valves, without working the team to breaking point, the window could not be met.
Never the less leading up to the 2016 flight of Nexo I the team will continue to build Nexo II, (similar to Nexo I but with an onboard tank pressurization system), carry out more BPM-5 rocket engine tests and start the design work on the BPM-100 rocket engine that will power the Spica rocket and eventually propel a man to space.

You can read the full update and press release here about the delay.

Nexo I (Credit: Copenhagen Suborbitals)


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