Aiming for the Moon

A little quiet on the amateur rocket and space front at the moment (DARE Stratos II+ launch the 14th!), none the less things are happening and well at the high end of this and into the professional/commercial field is Moonspike.

You have probably read about them or heard through the space grape vine of this massive epic project, to send a spike containing your digital content and slam it into the moon, yes that is right the moon!

The project was founded by Kristian von Bengston and Chris Larmour, Kristian was one of the original founders of Copenhagen Suborbitals, and since leaving that project has dabbled a bit into Mars One before founding Moonspike with Chris.
The group aims to build the entire architecture and system themselves, starting with a 22 ton, 3 stage liquid fuelled rocket that will carry the 147kg spacecraft with the spike en route to the moon.

The group are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help get the project off the ground and literally onwards toward the moon. The Kickstarter money will be used to get the company going with facilities, design and initial prototyping, while ongoing funding is sort.

You can download a feasibility study of the proposed plan, found here.

I thoroughly suggest heading over to Kickstarter and helping them out, I personally know Kristian, and I know given the funds to make this project happen, he and the team will not disappoint!



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