RML Spacelab Working On and Upwards

A lot of news coming out of Peter Madsen’s RML Spacelab lately, all geared towards launching rockets and eventually himself to space from Malta.

As reported earlier in the year, Peter and his team have been perfecting Galcit solid rocket motors and are now at a point where flight qualification testing of the motors is complete (Source – ing.dk). These smaller motors, with a diameter of 220mm will propel a test rocket from Malta next year, a video of the most recent round of testing is shown below.

To be able to launch this rocket and many more from Malta, a new ocean-going launch platform is currently under construction, having to fit inside a shipping container in order to get to Malta, Peter has come up with a very nifty triangle design.

Ocean launch platform (Credit: RML Spacelab/Peter Madsen)

Consisting of 3 outrigger pontoons and one central pontoon, the platform will be initially capable of launching a rocket of up to 3.5 ton. Work has started on the 3 main girders as shown below,

With this consistent pace, next year looks to be an exciting one for Peter and his team.



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