Video: UP Aerospace SL-10 Launch

On November 6, 2015 UP Aerospace successfully executed a mission for NASA to deploy the Maraia Earth Return Capsule. The mission reached an altitude of 75 miles above Spaceport America and landed 30 miles down range on White Sands Missile Range. The missions was UP Aerospace’s 10th SpaceLoft rocket launch and the first deployment mission.

Although not strictly amateur, UP Aerospace did stem from the Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT) which launched the first amateur rocket into space in 2004.

A video of their latest flight is shown below, this launch required some of the payloads to land under their own parachutes so they could perform their own experiments, not part of the launch vehicle. This was UP Aerospace’s first use of this¬†Automated Payload Deployment System (APDS) which enabled this to happen.

A NASA press release on the flight with high definition images can be found here.


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