Starchaser feature in Epoxycraft

Starchaser Industries feature in epoxycraft magazine, of note in the article is that Starchaser plan to launch their Skybolt 2 rocket in summer 2016.

Full article here

Skybolt is a 9m long liquid fuelled rocket powered by the teams Storm rocket engine, Starchaser attempted to ground test the storm rocket engine back in 2006 but had to postpone due to an ignition sequence problem. According to Wikipedia the engine did end up firing twice, however design issues have thwarted further testing.

Skybolt rocket (Credit: Starchaser)

A recent facebook post about Skybolt 2 leads one to believe there will be a rocket motor switch and that another propulsion source will be used for the 2016 flight. Of other note, Skybolt 2 will be launched from a floating platform at a coastal location.



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