Bagaveev Corporation Staged Combustion Rocket Engine Test

Bagaveev Corporation has carried out a staged combustion rocket engine test, although the test was not quite a success, as can be seen in the video below, it does show what now can be done with 3D printing at this scale.


Staged combustion cycle (Credit: Wikipedia)

The staged combustion cycle enables all the gases and heat to go through the combustion chamber, as can be seen in the picture above, the advantages allow for a higher power turbopump and hence a higher combustion pressure and therefore great performance at lower altitudes with the use of a high expansion nozzle. The most famous engines to use this cycle is the RS-25 (SSME) and the NK-15 and NK-33 (Soviet N1 lunar rocket and Orbital ATK Antares), there are also many more but these stick out.




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