Small Spacecraft Technology State of the Art

This is a must read for all you CubeSat builders, Nasa has recently released a report labeled, ‘Small Spacecraft Technology State of the Art’.

From the abstract,

“This report provides an overview of the current state of the art of small spacecraft technology. It was first commissionedbyNASA’s SmallSpaceraft Technology Program (SSTP) inmid-2013inresponse to the rapid growth in interest in using small spacecraft for many types of missions in Earth orbit and beyond, and revised in mid-2015. For the sake of this assessment, small spacecraft are defined to be spacecraft with a mass less than 180 kg. This report provides a summary of the state of the art for each of the following small spacecraft technology domains: Complete Spacecraft, Power, Propulsion, Guidance Navigation and Control, Structures, Materials and Mechanisms, Thermal Control, Command and Data Handling, Communications, Integration, Launch and Deployment, Ground Data Systems and Operations, and Passive Deorbit Devices. Due to the high market penetration of cubesats, particular emphasis is placed on the state of the art of cubesat-related technology.”

Click on the picture below to download the pdf.



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