Interstellar Technologies Inc. conducts successful rocket engine test

Caption: InterStellar Technologies Inc.
This engine is Ethanol/LOX pressure-fed rocket engine. Thrust force is 10kN.
Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, Japan

(Source: Interstellar Technolgies Inc blog)

Inter Stella technology’s Co., Ltd. has succeeded on the ground combustion experiment of burning time 50 seconds of rocket engine with a March 4th (gold) thrust in the original Ministry of Defense engine test site the site of Hokkaido Taiki-cho 10kN (about 1 tons). The engine, has been positioned as a sub-orbital main engine of the flight for the rocket to reach space of advanced 100 km. 3 times a short period of time (5 seconds once, for 15 seconds twice) in January has been successful to the combustion experiments, originally was scheduled for 50 seconds of combustion experiments during the month of February, scissors to postpone twice It was successful this time. It is scheduled to conduct a burn time of 100 seconds combustion experiment in future in March.

Combustion experimental results

  • Thrust 9.9 kN (planned value 10 kN)
  • Burning time of 50 seconds (planning value of 50 seconds)
  • Combustion chamber pressure 1.00 MPa (planned value 1.0MPa)


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