Interstellar Technologies Inc – 100sec test of 10kN rocket engine

100sec burn of 10kN rocket engine (Credit: Interstellar Technologies Inc)

Interstellar technologies have just recently completed a 100 sec burn of their 10kN thrust liquid fuelled rocket engine, paving the way for their suborbital rocket which will reach 100km.

As reported on earlier, the company had successfully completed a 50 sec duration burn on the engine, following 5 and 15 sec burn tests. This engine will be used in the companies suborbital rocket that will be eventually launched to 100km.


(Source Interstellar Technologies Inc blog, translated)

Inter Stella technology’s Corporation March 14 (Monday) 15:00 6 minutes, was successful on the ground combustion experiment of burning time of 100 seconds of rocket engine with a thrust 10kN (about 1 tons). The engine, has been positioned as a sub-orbital main engine of the flight for the rocket to reach space of advanced 100 km.

By the successful experiment of this thrust one ton, 100 seconds, we were able to win the propulsion system required for the sub-orbital flight to advanced 100km. Further subjected to brush-up of the design for the flight future, and then subjected to a sub-orbital flight.

Combustion experimental results

Thrust 9.7 kN (planned value 10 kN)
Combustion time of 100 seconds (plan value of 100 seconds)
Combustion chamber pressure 0.99 MPa (planned value 1.0MPa)

Combustion experiments and safety is carried out as planned, normal data without any damage to the engine body and experimental equipment has been acquired.

Upon this experiment, we received a great deal of cooperation from Taiki-cho government office through the day from your guidance understanding and preparation stage of the relevant ministries and agencies. Thank you to take this opportunity.

This business is conducted as part of the “space industry technology information infrastructure research and development business (on-orbit demonstration of space equipment that utilize consumer products),” the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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