Students launch AQUA SONIC rocket from Esrange

Students from Hochschule Bremen successfully launched their AQUA SONIC hybrid rocket from Esrange in Sweden as part of the German DLR STERN (Student Experimental RocketN) program.

AQUA SONIC rocket (Credit: AQUA SONIC)

AQUA SONIC is a 5m long, 200mm diameter hybrid rocket, powered by Nitrous oxide and polyethylene. The engine produces 2500N of thrust at a chamber pressure of 20 Bar for 15sec, this propels the rocket to an expected peak altitude of 6.2km (20341.2 ft) where a dual deployment recovery system brings the rocket safely back to theĀ ground.

A video of the launch can be found below.

The rocket appears to have had a successful flight and recovery according to the team’s Facebook page, verification of the altitude and hopefully some onboard video will surface soon!

Make sure to check out the teams website, as there is loads more information and graphics on the rocket itself, a very interesting and cool hybrid rocket project.



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