BURPG – Year in Review

The Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group have posted a new update of their last year of rocket development activities. As is known the team switched from a hybrid rocket motor to a liquid fueled engine to power their Starscraper suborbital rocket, the last few months has seen the team test this engine.

Lotus Engine (Credit: BURPG)

The 2015-2016 school year saw BURPG kicking off development of a new engine, Lotus. Replacing the hybrid Mk. V on the Starscraper rocket, Lotus is BURPG’s first crack at liquid engine development, and has proven to be an incredible learning experience and significant step in the journey to space. As the group takes a semi-hiatus from rocket development for the summer, it’s time to look back on the progress with Lotus, Starscraper, and where things are going next.

One of the major reasons for BURPG’s transition to liquid engines is the faster testing pace they offer. Lotus testing began in December 2015, after a marathon build and prep process during the fall semester. In just the spring semester alone, BURPG executed more engine tests than ever before accomplished in an entire year. Not only that, but Lotus testing requirements birthed a totally new ground support system, software, and upgraded electronics that were refined and matured through the test campaign. BURPG now has a very capable, flexible and reliable test infrastructure.

Read the full update.


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