Rocket Nozzles

Video Caption: After talking about the things that Kerbal Space Program can teach you about rocket science I wanted to do a series about things that KSP doesn’t really teach you, starting out with rocket nozzle design.

A nice video from Scott Manley introducing rocket nozzle theory and designs for those that play Kerbal Space Program (I myself like to dabble in this game!). A good video to show those how your rocket engine actually works!

For those that do not know, Scott describes himself in his Twitter profile as a Hacker, DJ, Astronomer, Dad, Scotsman, Capulseer. Makes videos about science and video games…at the same time!

His Youtube channel is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are starting out with KSP, his knowledge not only of the games but also the science behind and in it all make for some compelling videos, even if you are not interested in the games.


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