Unreasonable Rocket Update

OTRAG Staging (Credit: Unreasonable rocket)

Paul Breed of Unreasonable rocket recently posted an update and his slides from the Space Access Conference earlier this year. Paul is working towards building an OTRAG style nanosatellite launcher.

Updated 21/6/2016

Pauls design utilizes 4″ carbon fibre tubes with an internal polybag for a liner to contain the hydrogen peroxide and gasoline¬†propellants. Each tube houses a 3D printed engine and bundling multiple tubes together enables you to stage and reach orbit as effectively as possible.

Check out the Unreasonable rocket blog and Paul’s presentation notes to find out more technical detail!

You can read Paul’s full Space Access presentation here.
Paul also appeared on The Space Show, listen to the full interview here.

Updated 21/6/2016


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