Nexo 1 Acceptance Tests and Launch Day Set

Nexo 1 Flight Events (Credit: Copenhagen Suborbitals)

Copenhagen Suborbitals have just recently carried out harbour acceptance tests of their Nexo 1 rocket on the floating launch platform, Sputnik, leading to a July 16th launch date for the rocket.

The acceptance tests had the mating between Nexo 1 and Sputnik ironed out so come launch day any unforeseen circumstances should not arise. The rocket sits on a ring which provides fuel, oxidiser and pressurization to the rocket in a remote fashion, on lift-off the rocket simply flys off the launch rail disconnecting from this service ring. As in the picture below a load cell attached to the ring allows the team to accurately fill the liquid oxygen tank, quite a novel way of keeping everything remote.

As stated earlier launch is set for Saturday, July 16th, I am very much looking forward to this, and hopefully of a successful recovery so they can do it all again!

You can find out all the info you need on the Nexo 1 rocket here.


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