This and that from the rocket shop

The latest blog post from Copenhagen Suborbitals talks about what’s up next for the Danish rocket team.

A couple of weeks ago we held a debriefing event in our workshop. We went through a detailed analysis of the launch of Nexø I, and we told about what went well, what went wrong, what we learned and what we need to improve and do better. Around 50 guests visited at Refshale island that Sunday. Thank you very much for attending. It’s always nice to meet and talk to our Copenhagen Suborbital supporters.

Nexo II is coming together set for a May launch next year

The next rocket to be launched above the Baltic Sea will be Nexø II. We are already into the build process, and anticipate to have completed the rocket in time for a May campaign, just as the weather conditions becomes acceptable for launch.
When we had parts fabricated for Nexø I, we ordered two complete sets. This means that major parts of Nexø II are already preassembled. There are however still some parts that needs to be fabricated during fall.

And of interest is the work on the BPM-100 rocket engine, this engine will be 100kN of thrust and power the manned rocket, ground tests next summer!!

The BPM-5 engine and the Nexø rocket both have a size suitable for testing different elements of a rocket launch. But as you know, our ultimate goal is to launch a human into space, and that isn’t doable with a nexø-sized rocket. Thus we need to scale up to a larger engine and larger rockets. Our engine group is busy doing calculations for a BPM-100 engine. Our goal is to have it ready for test next summer. This will require – apart from building the engine – that we find a suitable test site for a 100 kN rocket engine.

Read the full update here.


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