Roberts Rocket Project Update – 16/9/2016

Robert provides an update on his recent round of static tests and rehearsals before the firing of his 250lbf liquid rocket engine in its rocket configuration.

What I found of most interest was the below,

LOX fill technique – During the previous tests, I was unable to completely fill the LOX tank. For these tests, I used a modified fill technique which involved closing the LOX vent valve first, waiting a few seconds, then closing the LOX fill valve. This allows the 20 psi or so in the dewar to compress the ullage in the tank and get some more liquid in. I also added some temporary foam insulation to the tank and fill lines. As a result, the LOX tank pressurized in less than a second instead of the almost two seconds previously.

Always good to read these little hints and tips to put in the back of the mind for future use!

The update is full of bullet points so it is easier to post the link.


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