HyEnD HEROS Rockets

I woke up to read this facebook post from HyEnD, who consist of students from the University of Stuttgart. The team’s rockets HEROS 2 and 3 are set to start their launch campaign come October 24th from Kiruna in Sweden and aim to achieve more than 20km of altitude.

From August, the stats of HEROS 2:

  • Length: 7.5
  • Diameter: 0.223 m
  • Hybrid rocket engine (nitrous oxide and paraffin)
  • Maximum takeoff weight: ~ 177 kg
  • Thrust: 10,000 N
  • Altitude: about 21.5 km
  • Recovery System: Multi-stage parachute Salvage System
  • Objective: European altitude record for student rocket

Of note is the two HEROS rockets, building two rockets side by side came up in an Arocket post a few years ago by John Carmack of Armadillo Aerospace (now EXOS Aerospace). John was talking about building suborbital rockets but the concept is the same. By building two side by side, batch production and labour intensive tasks become much more effective, and in trying to achieve these goals it is more than likely that you will lose a vehicle or two.

This altitude will no doubt have the team at DARE a little worried as they currently hold the European altitude record for amateur rocketry of 21.457 km with their Stratos II+ rocket, set last year. The team is working on Stratos III, so I imagine if the record is taken they will come back and reclaim it as their original goal for Stratos II+ was 50km, I’d bet they would be aiming to reach that again.


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