From the Teams Facebook

On 31st October 2016 at 12:00 UTC, HEROS 2 was launched from the MRL launcher at ESRANGE Space Center in Northern Sweden. The countdown went very smoothly: The tank filling with nitrous oxide was quickly done, the heating system both at the GSE and at the launch rail with the air-heated styrofoam box brought the nitrous oxide to the right temperature for launch, despite the cold and freezing outside temperature. The ground and on-board electronics worked flawlessly during thecountdown. A lot of great video material of the lift-off and the ascent into the clouds was produced and will be presented in the near future.
However, an electric interference right at the zero time of the countdown caused a failure of the on-board electronics and telemetry system. Without a telemetry signal it was not possible to get any information about the position during and after flight of HEROS 2. The recovery system was most likely affected from the failure as well. A helicopter team was searching at the nominal impact point, however the weather and sight conditions made it impossible to find the rocket and new snow in the night after the launch makes it less probable to recover the rocket in the next days.
The video material and sound recordings were analysed and all evidence suggests that the hybrid rocket engine HyRES worked nominal during the whole ascent of the rocket. Currently we are investigating the electronical interference with the power supply lines and the main ignition impulse to find a solution and prevent the error from happening again. Then, a decision will be made if HEROS 3 can be launched in the coming days, but we have to monitor the progress in the failure analysis and the launch weather. Currently our launch window is open until the 9th November.

Abit unfortunate for the team from the University of Stuttgart.

They do have an exact replica of the rocket, HEROS III, hopefully they can resolve this issue and then fly HEROS III to have another attempt.

In the mean time here is another video of the launch.


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