Barnard Propulsion Systems

I recently discovered Barnard Propulsion Systems from an email on the Arocket mailing list, and I must say Joe Barnard is doing some really cool control systems projects on a small scale.

Using small scale long burn hobby rocket motors, such as the Apogee F10, Joe has successfully demonstrated controlled flight of his rockets through the use of an engine gimbaling system.
But not only are his rockets controlled on the way up, Joe has taken it one step further and is aiming to propulsive land the rocket, much like SpaceX does!

His latest rocket, Relay, flew on its 2nd flight on Feb 8th and did not include parachutes due to the tight mass budget. The Relay rockets carry out their own math in-flight and decide whether and when to light the motor for a propulsive landing.

Joe does a great job in explaining the objectives of his flights at the beginning of his videos and then a recap at the end, very informative.

Make sure to follow Joe’s progress by clicking any of the links below.



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