Aether Rocket Rollout

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering students recently rolled out their new rocket, Aether. Designed to be actively stabilised during supersonic flight, the rocket represents a great leap forward for the team and their active control quest.

Aether Roll Out (Credit: DARE)

Not specifically designed for altitude but for control ability through different flight regimes, Aether sports the teams Asimov solid rocket motor. Developing an average thrust of 6464N for 6 seconds, the motor makes up 1.5m of the airframe and uses 35kg of propellant.
Control comes from 4 forward mounted canards, with control output coming from the onboard XSENS IMU. Instead of a typical blow the nose cone of recovery, the recovery of Aether will involve the deployment of the drogue and main chute from a hatch in the side of the rocket, providing a reliable means for recovery at the velocities and dynamic pressures encountered.

I could keep going on, so instead, head over and check out the team’s technical page and you can read the full roll out update here.

The launch is currently planned for the 29th of April.


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