Cal Poly Space Systems Updates

A little late to jump on this, but an update from the end of March from the Cal Poly Space team.

With Spring Break starting at Cal Poly we have good news to share about our #IREC competition rocket development. We have completed multiple tests and have decided on the rocket name – CPSS will fly Kronheim at Spaceport America.

If you follow ESRA on Facebook, they have been social media kings in posting updates on all the various teams competing at Spaceport America this year.

With systems and recovery well on the way, we plan to perform a test flight at FAR on April 15, 2017. Goals of the flight include test of structural integrity of the rocket body, honeycomb fins and bulkhead, recovery avionics, and recovery mechanism. One of the major objectives is to observe shock during main chute deployment, the data will be used to finalize size of the competition drogue parachute.

Propulsion team has finally got hydrostatic test procedures approved by EHS, thanks to our Student Safety Officer for great work done for it. Combustion chamber was successfully tested to FS of 3, Nitrous tank will be tested next week.

April 15th has come and gone, but judging by the below video they only recently attempted a static test of their engine, but was unsuccessful due to ignition problems.

I wish them luck and hopefully, we will see a rocket fly soon!

Read the full update here.


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