Callan Thruster Post Processing

An interesting video from MTI and SEDS UCSD showing the post processing of their Callan Cubesat thruster.
Callan is a hydrogen peroxide monopropellant thruster that will enable the team to carry out in orbit maneuvers as they send their Triteia cubesat to the moon.

I think in this day, sometimes we are led to believe it is as simple as sending files away and getting a part back in return. This video is great in showing that there is actually a lot more to it in receiving your part as it looks from CAD.

Video Caption:
What happens after 3D printing a space rocket engine? Take a look at some of the post processing capabilities MTI has to offer. The applications extend far beyond aerospace additive manufacturing. Visit our website today to request a quote online. Discover why MTI is leading additive manufacturing companies with a focus on precision and dependable innovation.


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