Interstellar Technologies Gas Generator and Attitude Control Testing

I missed these latest videos from Interstellar Technologies, the first one showcases gas generator static tests using a combination of liquid oxygen and kerosene. Although the team’s Momo suborbital sounding rocket will use a gas pressurized feed system, I guess a turbopump system will be required for their orbital launcher plans.

The second video showcases the team’s experiments in attitude control, refining their system for controlled flight (from a couple of years ago).

2 thoughts on “Interstellar Technologies Gas Generator and Attitude Control Testing

  1. Thanks for that, I did enjoy reading your post, it makes for fun thinking.

    This is essentially the OTRAG concept that you have proposed?, similar to what interorbital Systems are wanting to do, or do you envision it at a larger scale?

    Not sure of what Interstellar Techs orbital plans are, but found this picture here, looks to be a similar rocket to Momo and could be paralleled staged if need be.

    I am interested to see how they progress.


  2. Thanks for that. I had not heard of this other suborbital venture before. Achieving suborbital is important because you can then get revenue by selling launches to researchers and agencies, including NASA, needing suborbital launch.

    But even more importantly, is that you can then get a fully *orbital* launcher by parallel staging multiple copies of that suborbital rocket:

    This then would give an orders of magnitude increase in revenue, in the range of millions of dollars for the launch of a few tens of kilos of payload to orbit.

    Bob Clark



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