DARE Unveil Stratos III Rocket

This was live streamed, my apologies for not getting that link up in time.
Presentation starts at 7:00min in.

Key points

  • To break the European student altitude record for rocketry before Fall 2017
  • 63 students involved, international and domestic
  • 12 core team positions
  • Goal was to design and build a rocket in 1 year and to fly higher than before
  • Powered by a 15kN hybrid rocket engine, burning Nitrous Oxide and sorbital/paraffin/aluminum fuel for 28 seconds
  • 3D printed titanium nozzle
  • Carbon fibre composite combustion chamber
  • 262lt, 36kg carbon composite Nitrous Oxide tank
  • Space for scientific payloads in nose cone
  • Have capability to Livestream¬†from onboard camera’s
  • ~8m in length and 0.28m diameter
  • 329.4kg MLOW, 104kg empty
  • Will reach Mach 4.5 and an altitude of 80km (although could be between 60-100km)
  • Nose cone will be recovered from ocean


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