Colossus Static Firing System

The Students of SEDS UCSD have been hard at work lately putting together their Colossus Static Firing System.

The static engine test stand mounted to a car trailer will be capable of testing engines up to 5000lbf of thrust at 1350psi, with cryogenic capability on both the fuel and oxidiser side. This opens up the possibility to use liquid methane as a fuel for your project.

The trailer will be made available to rent around October 2017.

This is such a great idea for individuals/groups starting to design their own liquid fueled rocket engines and not wanting to pour a lot of money into a test stand while keeping the project relatively low risk. I hope this see’s a lot of business!

You can also read the full design proposal here.

2 thoughts on “Colossus Static Firing System

  1. I was thinking that when typing this up! I guess blast shields can only protect so much, be interesting to see the policy as you say.


  2. I wonder what the insurance policy is like? I have never seen a rig used more than 20 times for it gets rapidly disassembled and then slowly put back together again :-p



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