Cop Sub to Launch Nexø II this Weekend

Updated 5/9/2017 – Dates updated

Copenhagen Suborbitals will launch their Nexø II rocket this weekend, 9-10th September.  23rd September with the 24th as a backup.

The original press kit post can be found here.

The rocket differs from Nexø I, launched last year, in the fact of having an onboard pressurization system rather than a blowdown system.
The rocket is 0.3m in diameter and 6.7m long and is expected to reach approximately 14km in altitude.

Altitude though is not the primary objective, a successful flight, and recovery, thus testing all systems will be seen as a win.

You can follow the launch here making sure to connect with the team on social media where updates will be more thorough.
To find out more technical details of the rocket, click here.

Good luck to the team and wishing for a successful launch and recovery.


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