No Nexø II Flight This Year

[Source: Copenhagen Suborbital’s ]

The Nexø II rocket remains grounded on land until summer of 2018, the board of Copenhagen Suborbitals has just decided.

Launching a rocket is a large-scale project. A lot of different parameters must be fulfilled in order for the Nexø II mission to be optimum, and this year it has simply not been possible due to both internal and external delays combined with bad weather conditions.

Next week was our last launch window but one of our stakeholders was not able to be there
during the launch and we couldn’t get the airspace cleared.
That’s why we have now finally decided to exercise due diligence around the project, hence postponing the launch of Nexø II for weather conditions again to be favorable.
The mission is still on, and we are launching Nexø II in the summer of 2018.
Until then, you can see the Nexø II rocket in the Copenhagen Suborbitals headquarter at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen.

Disappointing to read this, and is not the first time this has happened, Nexø I was delayed from 2015 to 2016. Being constrained to one season of the year with an ocean-based launch infrastructure does not really help the flight rate.

I do not doubt the team’s long-term commitment to putting a person into space but the pace will have to change to keep the general public interested for the long haul.

The below tweets sum it up. ( AA is/was Armadillo Aerospace)


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