More Scout Flights & Signal Flight Computer on Sale Soon!

It seems everytime I post about Barnard Propulsion Systems, Joe has gone off and succeeded in carrying out another flight! This time Scout was launched off vertical and brought back to the correct orientation.

Joe is also about to start selling the amazing little flight computer that does all this as well! Get your name on the list to be one of the first to grab it!

Video Caption: Running Signal’s course correction feature, Scout launched angled roughly 15 degrees from upright. Course correction held the vehicle orientation off the pad after launch, then plotted a smooth maneuver back to upright. As shown here, corrections are determined in a global reference frame, then executed in the local frame, meaning roll is not an issue(until the TVC hardware cannot keep up with the roll). Once deployed, the parachutes broke the kevlar reinforced shock cord, separating them from the body. The cord snapped at a weak point where significant heat had been experienced during assembly, which can be avoided next time with a new cord and some epoxy. The flight computer and TVC mount remained entirely unharmed by the impact.


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