WARR Hybrid Rocket Test

Video Caption: After two subsequent tests in July, we hot-fired the sub-scale engine again. Although we did not hit the design point of the engine due to feed system problems, we were able to collect valuable scientific data. Finding these problems in a sub-scale test enables us to implement a fix, before the start of full-scale testing. Technical Data: Mean thrust: 1255 N Design chamber pressure: 20 bar Burn time: 5 s Mean mass flow oxygen: 532 g/s ISP: 160 s
Please note: We’re predominantly master students of mechanical engineering and spend most of the time before test on calculations and preparations to prevent severe damages on material and personnel. Please don’t feel inspired to light your own rocket motor in your backyard. Rocket science is a serious issue – if you get the numbers wrong, people die. You have some experience in mechanical/electrical engineering and want to participate, become part of the team? Feel free to send your application to raketentechnik@warr.de


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