Project Hermes

MIT Rocket Team are aiming high, 80,000ft high in fact, with Project Hermes which they plan to launch from Spaceport America next year as an exhibition flight for IREC 2018.

The rocket, builds upon previous flight-proven designs will use an in-house built ‘P’ class solid rocket motor. Having a propellant mass of ~85lbs (38.5kg) and a liftoff mass of 175lbs (79.4kg), the rocket will reach Mach 3.5 on its way up to 80,000ft.

The team have an extensive range of information on their Wiki Page about the project but also loads of info on designing and building rockets, from composite tube layup to picking the right video camera for that awesome footage!

The team placed 2nd in this years IREC Competition for COTS solid rocket motor powered rocket to 10,000ft and also flew a rocket to 31,850ft at the same competition.

Am looking forward to seeing Project Hermes lift off and to see that 100km barrier broken in the not too distant future.

Make sure to follow progress on,


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