CS Kick Off Work on Full Size Capsule

The team have started the year with the build of a boilerplate capsule in order to help with hatch and window placement and optimal astronaut position.

The first iteration of the capsule model has two purposes: The first is to experiment with how the astronaut will be positioned in the capsule. Before Christmas we held a meeting in the capsule group. Our own “Space Historian” Carsten Olsen gave us a lecture on the history of astronauts from the earliest space missions (Gemini, Mercury) to the current (Soyuz) and to the future (Blue Origin, Dragon, Space X). We learned how the different missions have solved the challenges of getting an astronaut safely into space and back to earth (or the ocean as it was on US missions).

Once we’ve placed the astronaut, we can investigate what will be the best location for the hatch, as well as the location and size of “windows”. This gives us a good starting point for the next iteration, where we will look into the right materials and manufacturing processes.

And of course to help get the public behind the project.

The other primary purpose is to provide a PR platform, which will give us the opportunity to show the public what we’re working towards. Now that we will have something that is the right size, we might as well paint it and make it look “real”.

Hopefully, an increased public awareness will inject some interest and dollars so we can see the ball start rolling faster.


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