Igniter Testing

This update is pretty late, as this occurred at the end of November 2017, before I headed out of town for my summer internship. I have not been able to do any testing since but am just now revisiting the igniter as I am back in town and at University again.

After my first initial hot fire semi-success I was on a good high and happy everything worked. In order to show some friends how cool this was, I set up in the exact same manner as before and attempted another hot fire, this time I was unable to light the igniter.
The inlet pressures and valve timing were all exactly the same, the only difference I noted was the spark plug had eroded, this was replaced and tried again. No ignition.

After talking to others over the summer I have a rough idea on how to proceed,

  • Switch from swirl fuel injection to 90deg with ox
  • 3D print (with SLS) smaller and more precise orifices that will press fit in my 1/8 nipple fittings
  • Future version, move inlets further away from spark plug to help prevent erosion or lengthen hole so does not protrude into chamber as much

I’ll start with the orifice fix and go from there. One other thing is that for each test I need to hire an O2 and N2 bottle which is a bit costly for me as a poor student, I am seriously thinking switching fuels from Ethanol to a gas like methane for example. This would alleviate the N2 and only require buying a mini disposable gas canister from the hardware store. Thus enabling me to test more often and gain experience much quicker.

I also have borrowed a NI Labview DAQ module, so I will also work my way towards converting the avionic system over to this. Labview for students here I come!


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