Roberts Rocket Project Update: 11/3/2018

An update from Roberts Rocket Project, of which he has successfully carried out an all up static test of his liquid-fueled rocket, soon leading to flight.

I finally got a chance to run the static test of the flight vehicle this weekend. From a vehicle perspective, it was very good and I’m ready to move forward with getting it ready to fly. However, from a test operations perspective, there were a couple of issues…

Test operations wise, there were two issues. The first is that I had trouble getting a full LOX load, even with the modified sequence of closing the vent valve before closing the dewar. The tank should hold about 17 seconds of LOX but it ran out at around 12 seconds which caused the rest of the fuel to burn outside the chamber until I manually issued an abort…

The other test issue was with the helium pressure. I thought I had enough high pressure helium on hand but when I loaded the vehicle helium tank, I only got it up about 2080 psi where I was hoping to load it to at least 2500 psi…

A few niggly issues that were sorted, but otherwise a great success from Robert. I have been following his progress for a few years now, so it is great to see him reach an all up test of the rocket, and now just to see it fly!

Make sure to check out the pictures of the test!


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