SEDS at UCSD Colossus First Hotfire

Updated 25/6/2018 – New video link

The student team conducted the first hot fire on their new test stand, which also happened to include the first hot fire of their newest 3D printed rocket engine, Ignus-II. Ignus-II is printed from Inconel 718, produces ~ 800lbf (3.5kN) of thrust and burns liquid oxygen and kerosene, the engine improves upon the earlier Ignus-I engine.

The test stand is also up for hire for your own university projects!. Check out the link here for more info!

Video caption: Colossus, SEDS’s mobile rocket engine test stand, firing our Ignus-II Engine.

The test was conducted on June 16th, 2018 and marked the first test of both Colossus and Ignus-II. This completes the Verification and Validation stage of Colossus, meaning that Colossus is now available for other university team use!


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