MIT Rocket Team Hermes 1 Launch

Of note, this was the second largest university built rocket motor and the largest rocket flown by the MIT team!

Video Caption: MIT Rocket Team flew Hermes 1 on July 21, 2018 at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry site in California. Hermes 1 weighed 121 lbs at liftoff, and flew on an student developed O4300 that delivered the vehicle to 32,400 ft above the Mojave Desert. A newly developed piston based recovery system deployed a disk-gap-band parachute we based on the design from the Viking landers. At 2,000 ft above the desert floor the main parachute was extracted by the drogue, allowing for a safe landing 1.8 miles from the launch site. The student build carbon composite fin can fared well during the flight. The rocket flew a payload developed at the University of Victoria as part of an inter-team collaboration to study DNA repair mechanisms in microorganisms.
The team is grateful to our many industry sponsors, the many mentors we’ve had along the way, and our peers at other universities for their insight and friendship during this launch campaign, and we look forward to returning to IREC in 2019.


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