PHX4 Rocket Launch to 200,000ft

The 2 stage rocket was built by Curt von Delius, which was boosted by a CTI N5800 to a CTI N1100 sustainer with an 11 s coast delay. The rocket flew to 244,186 ft MSL, although the GPS units did lockout due to the COCOM speed and altitude limits, the apogee was still able to be calculated.

The flight becomes the first amateur 2 stage launch to break the 200,000 ft barrier.

[Edit, 8/11/2018: The use of the term “2 stage rocket” refers to each stage being powered]

Video Caption:¬†Experience this amazing supersonic near space flight through on board HD video. Curt von Delius’s state of the art PHX4 launched on June 16, 2018 from the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Accelerating to over 3.5 times the speed of sound the rocket coasted to 46 miles above sea level. This is the highest flight of any amateur two stage rocket. The reusable design was recovered using Disc Gap Band Parachutes and touched down 6.36 miles from launch.

2 thoughts on “PHX4 Rocket Launch to 200,000ft

  1. Yeah I think that would be the case. You should be able to get to L3 pretty quickly while getting some good experience. There are a bunch of kits out there to help you out.


  2. To be able to do this I’m assuming the individual was level 3 certified through NAR? I would like to try and do this one day but seems you can’t buy the motors or anything to achieve this without being level 3 certified.



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