MIT Rocket Team: P9100 Motor Test

What a way to start the year! MIT Rocket Team have certainly set the mark for others to follow with the test of their new P motor. Yielding a 15 % performance increase from last year’s tests, delivering a peak thrust of 12,632 N, specific impulse of 74,042 Ns over a burn time of 8 seconds. The motor is intended to power the team’s Hermes II rocket to ~86,000 ft, which will serve as the first stage for a space shot attempt in 2020.

Video Caption: This is the team’s third P motor test, and our most successful one to date. Using only 3 grains, the motor’s volume loading increased. The new propellant formula burned slower, and with better specific impulse. All combined, our various improvements yielded 15% higher performance than last year. We are preparing to fly this motor in March.…


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