CSULB: Engine Test

The student team recently hot fired their latest engine design which utilises a pintle injector. The team are entered in the Base 11 Space Challenge with the aim to launch a liquid-fuelled rocket to 100km.

You can see a video of this latest test here.

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Another Static Fire for the books! We love what we do! Months of hard work in the lab culminating into an incredible desert experience. There were many challenges and setbacks but we ultimately came out of it a better and stronger team. Thank you to everyone for their determination, teamwork and resilience. Thank to our departing GM @seanonewon for coming by and lending a helping hand. Thank you to all our sponsors for their continued support and thank you to FAR(Friends of Amateur Rocketry) for hosting us. Space or bust! #space #aerospaceengineering #engineering ##csulb #stem #ncrfoundation #rockets #adastra #b11spacechallenge #pinkrocketproject #friendsofamateurrocketry #stemeducation #steminist #spacex #blueorigin #longbeach #spacelaunchsystem

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