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Happy #FuelFriday! Look closely at these pictures and you’ll see what I mean. Pictured here are components from an LR87 engine. This type of engine powered the first stage of the Titan II rocket used during Project Gemini. This engine was fed a unique mixture of rocket fuel and oxidizer, in the form of Aerozine 50 and nitrogen tetroxide. These components ignited on contact with one another. Because they react violently and instantaneously they’re known as hypergolic propellants. This was a nasty combination. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the business end of the engine at the time of ignition. There are other types of rocket fuel we will learn about next Friday, so be sure to like The Space Shot so you don’t miss a post. Closeup pictures are ones I took at the @kscosmosphere during one of my many visits to the museum.

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