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Liquid Rocket Engines 8: Aerospikes

Video Caption: Hi Rocketeers! Today we’ll be looking at how to design an aerospike nozzle by hand. I’m definitely not doing an aerospike nozzle on my engine, but I’d done the math for another project and I thought it would be cool to show off!

My previous video on nozzles:
Everyday Astronaut’s Aerospike Video…
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Finally glad to see they 3D printed these!

Sprint Flight Test #2

Video Caption: Hi good news I still did a bad job tracking the rocket with the ground cameras

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Second channel, mostly for KSP:

For more info:

Sprint Test Flight 1

Video Caption: Lesson learned… the focus ring is clockwise for closer, counterclockwise for further. Sorry for getting half the flight out of focus on the tracking cam. Help support

Second channel, mostly for KSP:

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Rocket Fuel Injectors Explained

A nice video from Scott Manley explaining rocket injectors, worth a watch!

Video Caption: Rocket Propellent Injectors are critical parts of the engine design, they take the propellents and mix them so that they can quickly burn in the combustion chamber. Injectors can make or (literally) break a rocket design, and over the years we’ve seen rocket engines move from injector plate designs to more efficient options as engineers have come to understand what works well.

Thanks to Copenhagen Suborbitals for sharing some video of their injectors being tested, I hope to get to see some more flights with these: