Instagram Pic of the Week Echo Landing Test #6

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WARR: Project Cryosphere – 2019 in Review

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As we launch into 2020, we take a brief look back at everything that has happened in 2019.

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Instagram Pic of the Week

Qu8k Rocket Visit

Ky Michaelson recently visited Derek Deville and his Qu8k rocket. For those who do not know, this rocket won the 100kft Micro Prize back in 2011, where an amateur had to launch a rocket to >100,000 ft (30.48 km), recover it intact and document it all.

Qu8k achieved this, reaching 121,000 ft (36.88 km). Powered by an O18,000 custom solid rocket motor and at 8″ in diameter reached a max speed of 3200 ft/s (975 m/s).

You can read more about the rocket construction and flight here.

Hybrid Rocket Shop Tour

Alex has built a 4″ hybrid that with a minimal oxidiser load comes out to an N10,000 and with a full load to the mid to upper O range. The launch and ground infrastructure is also worth noting, custom rail with integrated load cell, turbine flow meter and pressure sensor with a ground monitoring station, this is what amateur rocketry is all about, it is good to see people going the extra mile.

His larger rocket is equivalent to an R10,000 and holds 200 lbs (90.7 kg) of oxidiser this will be impressive to see launch!