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USCRPL: Space or Nothing Documentary Trailer

As you should know by now, USCRPL became the first university student team to launch a rocket into space, when on April 21st of this year, their Traveler IV rocket reached 103.6 km, claiming the record.

A documentary film made by  Joseph DeRose, a USC Cinematic Arts student is set to be released July 12th, giving us all an insight into the team’s path towards space.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below!

MASA Win Phase 1 of the Base 11 Space Challenge

Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) have won phase 1 of the Base 11 space challenge, a $1 million dollar prize for a university team to build, test and fly a liquid-fueled rocket to 100 km by the end of December 2021.

Phase 1 saw the teams conduct preliminary designs of their rockets including details of simulations and initial test data, all documented and submitted in a report.

The team walked away with $25k, with 2nd place and $15k going to Concordia University and 3rd place and $10k to Portland State University.

Next up Phase 2 sees teams submitting critical design reports of their rockets by March 2020, with the first launch window opening May 30th 2020.

Landing Model Rockets: Episode 7 – PCB Assembly

Video Caption:
Schematics, Layouts, Part Lists, and Gerber Files 🚀→…
Gear used in this video: Soldering Mat:
Helping Hands:
Soldering Station:
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Intermission music: Local Forecast by Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0 –…

Landing Model Rockets Series Playlist:…

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Instagram Pic of the Week Operation Thoomp

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Thoomp Live CAD:
RCS Live Roll Testing:
Tom Stanton’s Video:

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Liquid Rocket Engines 5: Main Propellant Valves

Video Caption: Description Hi Rocketeers! This week we worked on the main propellant valve. I finally remembered to focus my camera right away, and I tried some new lighting and audio equipment, hopefully you could tell the difference! I’m travelling so no video this Saturday, and hopefully I’ll be back on schedule next week.

NASA Oxygen Servicing Procedure…
Sam Austin’s Hercules-2 Rocket Engine…