November 2018 at FAR

FAR is the Friends of Amateur Rocketry and is an organisation and test facility in the Mojave Desert where experimenters can test and launch their rocket projects.

Video Caption: A few of the larger projects at the FAR Saturday, November 17, 2018

Traveler III In-depth Recap

As reported earlier Traveler III from USCRPL launched on September 29th, 2018 to become the first student-built rocket to reach space. Unfortunately, the avionics package was not switched on prior to launch so recording and recovery were not possible.

The team has written a full recap of the launch attempt.

With the igniter inserted and the pad cleared, a team waited at the ignition table, while the avionics team worked to activate the unit and resolve any last-minute issues. Due to a miscommunication between these two teams, an “Avionics hold” was misheard over the radios as an “Avionics go”. Thus, Traveler III was launched with no warning to the Avionics team, and the vehicle ascended off the pad without the payload placed into a state that would transmit data or deploy the recovery systems…

…However, the lack of a recovery system meant that this rocket was now ballistic, and the distinct sound of a sonic boom from its reentry was heard across the playa around 5 and a half minutes after launch, as the simulations predicted from a ballistic flight.

USCRPL has been trying for so long to reach space so to have this outcome must have been pretty demoralising. The rocket on the upside was eventually found,

…Some kind souls from around Black Rock messaged RPL that they had potentially found the rocket and, after a long return to the playa, a team scavenged and found the remnants of the vehicle. Traveler III, now in countless pieces, was found in one centralized location, indicating that the vehicle remained intact through descent until it hit the ground…

…no data was recovered from the passive Avionics system or the Go Pro cameras on-board.

As predicted, the rocket would have reached space,

…The location of where the rocket was found, combined with the simulations and observation of a full motor burn, indicates that the vehicle did in fact pass the Kármán line and ascended over 370,000 feet…

Traveler IV is now in full swing and will once again attempt a space shot in Spring of 2019. With the lessons learned from this launch, I am adamant USCRPL will reach space and become the first university team to do so.

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BPS Falcon Heavy Flight 1

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Unreasonable Rocket – OTRAG Lite

Paul Breed of Unreasonable Rocket has picked up his project for a mini OTRAG style launcher, the goal is to have flown a single tube by April 2019, just in time for the Space Access Conference.

For those not familiar, check out my post from a few years ago on the project.

The project will make use of 4″ dia 6061 tube, housing 90% hydrogen peroxide and a yet non-disclosed hypergolic fuel.

Paul has already been making progress as outlayed in the blog posts below,

Well worth a read.

Instagram Pic of the Week

Instagram Pic of the Week