Instagram Pic of the Week

Slightly off-topic today, but every time I see this picture I instantly think of the engineering that has gone on to get to this point, amazing!

Instagram Pic of the Week

Nucleus Launch Series

Stepping away from the amateur side of things but this video series on Nammo’s launch of their Nucleus sounding rocket is pretty cool and worth a watch.

The 30kN thrust, 356mm dia hybrid rocket uses hydrogen peroxide and HTPB fuel, and flew to 107.4 km in September of 2018, making it the first hybrid rocket to reach space.

Instagram Pic of the Week

Explore the NPO Energomash Show Room

Rocket engines fascinate me, the history of them even more, so check out this link and explore the NPO Energomash showroom in 360°.

And if you are still after some rocket engine history, I thoroughly recommend “History of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines” by George P. Sutton. Well worth it to have on your shelf.